Developing Your Integrated Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
To Improve Your Business Productivity

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Let LGM devise a strategy to combine your online & offline business marketing /advertising campaigns

Traditional marketing mediums are no longer as effective as they once were.   Online internet marketing has become a necessity in today's fast paced technological society.  Integrated marketing and advertising campaigns are necessary for the savvy business owner to be successful.  Developing an integrated marketing campaign is simple, but requires detailed planning and expertise.  To be successful today, a business owner must present a consistent well branded message across integrated media outlets that drive home the desired results.  

A well defined marketing mix and campaign integration strategy will consist of market research, branding, a properly search engine optimized custom website, social media marketing platforms, mobile marketing website and strategies, media and video marketing online and offline, public relations management, and a robust print advertising campaign to support all of these activities that include business cards, brochures, flyers, in-store promo materials, banners, promotional gifts such as t-shirts, billboards and any other traditional print advertising methods that integrate the same consistent integrated marketing message strategy.

Integrated Marketing Strategies

Local internet search
is vitally important for business marketing in today's competitive climate. There are over 10 billion unique searches done in the United States each month, with over 40% of those searches containing local interest for business advertising.

The potential to attract new customers via local search results is enormous.  Mobile search advertising is expected by some to top $40 billion annually by 2015.  Your business marketing plan should include an integrated marketing strategy to tap into this huge source of new potential customers for your business.

Your integrated advertising strategy should also include some traditional means of advertising such as business cards, brochures, comment and review cards, store decals and more to combine your offline advertising efforts with your online marketing strategiesLGM Advertising Agency will help you to develop the best plan of action to maximize both avenues.

Firms marketing integrated marketing services similar to LGM are usually public relations firms or other ad agencies that don't do nearly half the job, but charge you 3 to 5 times more money.  Business marketing companies and advertising agencies should have their client's interests ahead of their own profit margins, and that is what we strive for at Local Genius Marketing.    We are the best ad agency that you will find in your local area.

Contact us now so that we can become your PR firm now.  With our free and complete business marketing analysis, you get the best online and offline advertising advise in your local area.

Local Genius Marketing will help you plan your business marketing so you are strategically placed to capture market share for your specific industry.  We will help you develop the best integrated marketing plan for your business based on your desired results. Local business marketing will become even more popular as over 100 million users are using their mobile phones to search for products
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