As your marketing company, LGM will devise a customized marketing plan to suit the specific need of your company. We will analyze your needs base on market research, budget and desired results.  Every company is different, so your marketing strategy must be custom tailored to suit your needs.

We would love to offer you a free consultation to help you determine the most effective marketing strategies for your business.  There is no obligation and you will gain valuable insight into what a complete effective marketing campaign strategy consists of. 

Give Local Genius Marketing a call today to schedule your FREE on-site business analysis and develop a comprehensive marketing strategic campaign for your business success!
What is your company's current internet marketing strategy?  Do you have clearly defined strategy for marketing that has traditional as well as new marketing strategies to support them?  Local Genius Marketing, as your strategic marketing company, will first identify what's different about the products or services you offer to the marketplace, and then determine the best way to market  to your target customers and prospects.

Advertising your business online as well as offline, brings with it many benefits such as: a) the ability to make changes at a moments notice to capture trends, b) real-time results tracking, c) advertising that targets specific demographics, d) a unique variety of marketing methods including email, social media, audio, video, blogging, newsletters, seo, and more; and e) the ability for instant coupon conversions.

Marketing Strategy Services

What is a marketing strategy?  Marketing planning will include a marketing concept that addresses viral marketing, relationship marketing, direct marketing, search marketing, loyalty marketing, digital marketing, experiential marketing and promotional marketingMarketing objectives should be set that integrate all of your campaigns into effective marketing strategies

A complete business marketing strategy from LGM will include having a fully optimized website and blog, a complete, accurate and  ongoing directory listing  campaign, participating in social media marketing, sms or text messaging campaigns, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, email auto-responder marketing tactics, and combining your offline advertising techniques with all of your online marketing strategies.

As your advertising agency, LGM will devise a customized marketing concept for your business that includes defining your customers, choosing your target audience, setting a budget for your advertising, creating your content and ads, and tracking/monitoring your progress going forward.

Take advantage of LGM's Free business market analysis to position your business for exponential growth. While many business owners recognize the need for a website, most don't have clear marketing objectives for success.  A website should only be a part of your complete marketing strategy and tactics for an effective marketing campaign.

Marketing Strategy Planning

Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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