Local Genius Marketing would love to offer you a complete FREE business analysis to educate you about how using mobile advertising as one of your marketing strategies, you can step ahead of your competition in gaining a greater market share of consumers for your business service or products.

Don't let the mobile media wave pass you by and wonder why your competitors are more successful than you are.  Contact Local Genius Marketing today for a Free no obligation consultation with one of our professional marketing consultants!
What is mobile marketing? Simply put, it is mobile websites, mobile coupons and sending out specific text messages to customers that have agreed to receive advertisements from your business.

Marketing companies all over the world are including sms text or text messaging as one of their main advertising strategies.  So you may ask, "why do I need mobile marketing for my business?" SMS messaging is currently the fastest growing advertising strategy available. 

Unlike other forms of advertising or even email, 90% of text messages get opened, and most get responded to within five minutes.  Also, mobile coupons have a redemption rate of 15% to 40% compared to just a 2% redemption rate for traditional print coupons.

Don't Miss the wave of the future with Mobile Marketing and Coupons
Mobile Marketing can provide your business instant response and success.

Suppose you are having a slow day at your business, but you have 2000 people who have opted-in to receive your mobile advertising.  You send out a coupon offering a 25% discount on your product or services for the next 25 customers to visit your business before closing time.  Don't be surprised to see up to 300 or more of those people show up at your business within hours! Why?

The answer is very simple: Mobile Marketing equals "real-time" results.  Test message marketing provides something that no other form of advertising can....instant traffic!  A good reason for this is that customers have chosen to subscribe to your company and your customers are expecting this message.  They may change their plans and visit you a week or month earlier than they may have otherwise.

The Mobile Marketing Explosion

Compared to television, radio, print or other traditional forms of advertising, mobile marketing is inexpensive, personal and immediate.  Most people leave home with three things: their purse or wallet, their keys and their cell phone.  Because of this, mobile advertising is predicted to grow four-fold over the next four years alone!

Mobile apps is the fastest growing marketing strategy today to promote businesses, brands and services.  Every type of business can utilize sms messaging and mobile websites for mobile advertising. Advertising on mobile is a creative and viable way to create new customers, customer loyalty, increase awareness and boost sales

As an advertising company, we are aware that mobile marketing is predicted to explode into a $50 billion dollar industry by 2015. The question is, is your company or business ready to catch the mobile advertising wave to grow your business to a brand new level?  Do you have a mobile website? Do you currently offer mobile coupon advertising?

Why Your Business needs Mobile Marketing

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