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Social Media Marketing
For Business

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What is Social Media Marketing & Management?

Why Social Media Marketing?  You may be asking yourself this, but first let us explain what is social media.  Social media is defined differently for the many forms it comes in.  There are Social Networking sites, Social Video sharing sites, Social Slide sharing sites, Social Photo sharing sites, Social Bookmarking sites, Social News sites, etc., and all of them compromise what is considered as social media. 

The best social media outlets for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Flickr, Foursquare and Blogging just to name a few.  Are you currently using the power of Social Media Marketing for your business?  If you haven't noticed, everything and everyone on tv these days are also telling their consumers how they can join or follow them with their social media networking.
Are you taking full advantage of these opportunities to grow your business customer base?  Maybe you don't feel that you know enough about social media or marketing social media.  Local Genius Marketing would love to be your social media manager as the marketing company of your choice.  Social Media marketing will allow your business to compete with the bigger companies on the same level playing field for nominal costs.  Your company can be perceived just as any other large corporation is, even if you work from a home office. 

Using social media for marketing will allow you a great way to connect directly with your target market to attract new customers that you would have never met but for social media marketing.  Social marketing will allow you to break down barriers of communication to build rapport, trust, credibility and loyalty for a growing customer base for your business by talking directly to your potential customers, answering questions and giving honest feedback.

You can gain a huge advantage over your competitors if you adopt social media marketing to help you stand out from the crowd in your industry.  You can conduct powerful market research using social media networking.  You can ask this customer base questions and/or take surveys and get priceless information by paying detailed attention to how this base reacts to different tactics that you choose for your continued business success. 

We are the marketing company that you need to manage all of your social media effectively.  We can help people feel and understand that you are a part of their community and therefore, they will support and recommend your business to their family and friends.  Social media marketing is truly the best form of word-of-mouth advertising available today!

What is Social Media Marketing & Management?

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Contact Local Genius Marketing today to schedule your free onsite business marketing analysis with no obligation to you.  This is a $250 value that we would like to offer to you at no charge because of your interest in improving your business profitability.

Once you let Local Genius Marketing set up and manage your social marketing, you will definitely wonder what took you so long to get involved with this powerful form of inexpensive, but truly effective advertising to further grow your business.
Social Media Management
Local Genius Marketing, as your advertising agency, will educate you on exactly how marketing with social media will increase your customer base and hence profits.  LGM can show you how a marketing blog and getting twitter followers will allow your genuine passion and interest for your business to shine through communication with your customer base.  This again helps to build trust and loyalty by allowing people to relate to your business and services.

Social Media management is just as important as social media marketing.  Let Local Genius Marketing take the headache and time out of your schedule needed to manage your social media and marketing. You need social media marketing to be a step ahead of your competition in today's advertising market.  Are you up to speed on the newest Social Media or are you overwhelmed by all the Social Media offered today?  Let the professionals at Local Genius Marketing take the pressure off of you trying to keep up with all the new services and new technology appearing at a blinding pace in today's online world.
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